Wattsun Brand Transitions into Array Technologies’ Residential Division

Wattsun name integrated into Array Technologies’ product lines

Albuquerque, NM – 9/30/13 – Array Technologies announced that it would be transitioning its residential tracking and racking products, marketed under the Wattsun brand name since 1989, into a residential division under the ATI name, further integrating Wattsun products into its popular DuraTrack™ and DuraRack™ product lines.

One of the initial pioneers in residential solar tracking, Wattsun products have been installed in locations around the globe, and continue to provide excellent, cost-effective solar energy generation for off-grid and residential applications. The effort to bring the Wattsun brand under the Array Technologies name furthers the company’s mission to uphold the highest standard in delivering reliable, durable solar systems that produce the largest return on investment possible for the customer, whether for residential, commercial or utility-scale projects.

The product offerings under Array Technologies’ residential division are organized into three types: azimuth trackers, horizontal-row trackers and fixed-rack mounts. Azimuth single-pole trackers include the DuraTrack™ DA dual-axis tracker for highest energy gain. The popular DuraTrack™ HZLA linear actuator tracker is ideal for horizontal single-axis residential tracking systems. For projects that require fixed-racks, Array Technologies offers two solutions: the DuraRack™ system set at a 15° or 25° angle, or the DuraRack™ AT adjustable-tilt system that can be altered seasonally.

For more information on these products, please visit Array Technologies’ website at arraytechinc.com.

About Array Technologies: 

Array Technologies is the worldwide market leader in tracking solutions for utility, commercial and residential solar electric systems, with over 1.5 gigawatts shipped and installed across the globe. Array’s innovation and leadership in ground mount fixed-rack and solar tracker design has established the industry standard for cost-effective, robust, reliable and easy to install PV solutions with over two decades of field experience. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Array Technologies’ ground mount solutions are engineered and manufactured in the USA. For more information about Array Technologies, Inc., please visit arraytechinc.com.

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