10 MW Carlsbad, New Mexico Site Complete

DuraTrack HZ™ system will power 1,600 homes per year

Albuquerque, NM – 9/22/11 – Array Technologies has announced the completion of a 10 MW site in southern New Mexico, one of five that will deliver 55 MW of clean solar power to the area when finished. Constructed and owned by SunEdison, the power generated will be sold to Southwestern Public Service Co., a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, under a power-purchasing agreement.

The site uses Array Technologies’ DuraTrack HZ™ tracking system, which delivers up to 25% more energy than typical fixed-tilt installations. For a utility-scale project, this translates into more energy savings over the installation’s lifetime. With its innovative, articulating driveline design, the DuraTrack HZ™ system minimizes excess material costs while maximizing ground coverage and performance—which is why it delivers the best return on investment in the industry today.

Conditions near Carlsbad are ideal for solar—plenty of sunshine, easy access to utility substations, and the 10 MW DuraTrack HZ™ system will help Southwestern Public Service Co., capitalize on this opportunity. The trackers will not only save customers money with a fixed-rate price per kWh but will also reduce the carbon footprint of energy consumers in the region. Once all the five sites are active, they will produce enough electricity to power 186,000 homes for one year for the duration of the project’s lifetime.

About Array Technologies

Array Technologies, Inc., provides unequalled expertise in engineering and manufacturing innovative solar tracking systems for utilities, corporations, and small businesses worldwide. Array’s patented tracker designs have established the standard for cost-effective, robust, reliable, and easy to install tracking solutions. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Array Technologies’ trackers are manufactured in the USA.

About SunEdison

SunEdison is North America’s largest solar energy services provider. The company finances, installs and operates distributed power plants using proven photovoltaic technologies, delivering fully managed, predictably priced solar energy services for its commercial, government and utility customers. In 2008, SunEdison delivered more kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy than any other solar services provider in North America. For more information about SunEdison, please visit www.sunedison.com.

About Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy (NYSE:XEL) is a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company with regulated operations in eight Western and Midwestern states. Xcel Energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services to 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers through its regulated operating companies. Company headquarters is located in Minneapolis. More information is available at www.xcelenergy.com.

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