Manufacturing solar products in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 1989, Array has supplied more than 20,000 reliable solar trackers and more than 8 gigawatts to commercial and utility-scale solar projects around the globe. Throughout our history, we have exclusively focused on designing and manufacturing solar tracking equipment. This specialized focus has helped our customers enjoy the highest return on investment and the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) in the industry.

Engineered Simplicity

With 30 years of testing our solar trackers in the field and in the lab, as well as undergoing independent engineering reviews, our products have been refined for peak performance and long life.

Array solar trackers are engineered to withstand some of the worst conditions on the planet and keep on going. With the objective of a minimum 30-year lifespan, they lead the industry in reliability and durability.

The DuraTrack HZ single-axis solar tracker is the most widely-deployed tracking system in the world, delivering the best value to solar asset owners through the highest reliability and the lowest cost of ownership.

Engineering services are included to customize our solar trackers for each site’s special requirements and maximize energy production. In addition, included project management services provide on-site support for optimized installation and commissioning.

Global Presence

Over its 30-year company history, Array Technologies has expanded from its manufacturing base in the United States to become a global provider of time-proven tracking solutions. As the global market for utility-scale tracked solar expands, so too does Array, with projects and offices in a growing number of countries.

Executive Leadership

Founded by CIO Ron Corio, Array is the leading pioneer in the solar tracking industry, offering unparalleled experience in engineering design and product deployment. The team he has built to manage each facet of the thriving company comprises executives with vast utility and solar industry experience.

Join Our Team

Just like our tracking systems, Array is built on a solid foundation:  the company has been owned and operated in Albuquerque, New Mexico for more than 25 years. Our employees define who we are as a company. They create our success and drive solar tracking innovation.

If you have what it takes to change the world’s energy generation mix we invite you to join the team.

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